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Pope Pius XII Assembly 941 - Officers 2023-2024

Below are the current officers for the 2023-2024 Columbian Year for the Assembly.

Faithful Navigator, Tom Domerski

Faithful Comptroller, Larry Robinson

Faithful Friar, Rev. Andrew Torma, MSC

Faithful Captain, Chris Adams

Faithful Purser, John Cullen

Faithful Admiral, Jim Eckrich

Faithful Pilot, Chris Hope

Faithful Scribe, Dan Kennedy

Inner Sentinel, John Capobianco

Outer Sentinel, Peter Parisi

One Year Trustee, Tom Rafferty

Two Year Trustee, Mike Downs

Three Year Trustee, Michael Hunsicker

Color Corp Commander, Unassigned

Chalice Fund Director, James Di Paolo

Webmaster, Bill Brodniak -