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Pope Pius XII Assembly 941 - Services

Your Assembly Officers are representatives of the member Councils therefore what we do, is not only for the Assembly but benefits the member Councils as well. The Fourth Degree is the Patriotic Order thus, we are driven not only to preserve our Catholic faith and protect and honor our Priests, but to remind all peoples that our Country was founded by Patriots many who died in service to protect our Liberty. We must be forever vigilant to protect our freedom and make sure that our Nation under God shall forever be indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

One of our primary goals is to encourage third degree Knights to make the honorable and proud step to join the ranks of the Fourth Degree. It’s our responsibility to work with all Grand Knights to make sure that all Knights that wish to join can do so and as a service we offer for those who qualify, the Exemplification Ceremony held each year in June. Currently our Assembly has over 280 members but many of our members are lifetime members due to age and years of service. Growing our membership is a primary goal.

It’s also our desire to financially assist young semenarians and Priests wherever possible as an example buying vestments for them or helping to buy books.

Charity is the act of giving to those in need. Our Assembly welcomes all reasonable requests for giving and if voted to do so by the member Sir Knights we strive to initiate by holding fundraisers managed by our membership.

We operate under Bylaws established to provide oder not only for how we conduct monthly meetings but also how we maintain and grow our membership, collect dues and monies from activities, maintain all pertinent membership records; all under the guidance of the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus.


The core values of the Knights of Coulumbus are Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism. The Knights of Coulumbus is one of the largest Charitable Organizations in the world. Contributions are made to those in need from funds collected from Insurance Premiums, Investments, Dues and Fundraisers. Our Assembly wants to do more for those identified and agreed by members thus fundraisers are required.

This year we held a fundraiser featuring Tommy Zito, “The Piano Man” and plan to do so again in 2017. Proceeds from this event are being donated to the Archdiocese of the Military.

We are also going to sell 50/50 tickets with the goal of raising $3,000.00 so we can contribute half to the Keystone Wounded Warriors. The other half shall be divided amoung winners who purchased tickets.

We encourage all Sir Knights to plan and participate and support fundraisers so our Assembly can be more charitable.


This year our Assembly helped sponsor the third Pro Life Race held locally in Bethlehem Township. Proceeds from the race are given to two charities that protect human life; “Save the Storks” and” Mary’s Shelter”. This race was planned by Sir Knight Randy Brown and his wife DeDe of Council 4282 of Nazareth.

Our Faithful Navigator encourages all Councils to hold similar events that merit sponsorship by our Assembly recognizing that ongoing fundraising is necessary to do so.

Donations & Support

From time to time the Assembly receives request for financial support. One example is supporting Semenarians in need. Father Joseph Muller , our Faithful Friar requested support for the MSC Annual Golf Outing by sponsorship of a hole. Proceeds from this event help maintain retired MSC Priests.

Honor Guard

Our Assembly does have a Color Guard Commander. All fourth degree Sir Knights are encouraged to purchase Regalia and serve in the Honor Guard. Training will be provided for new members wishing to join. Duties consist of Marching at National or Regional or local events, serving as guards at funerals of fourth degree departed Knights and supporting our Bishop and local Priests at special Masses when requested.

Chalis Fund

The Assembly has a voluntary Chalice Fund for members who wish to participate. In the event of the death of a member of the Chalice Fund, a chalice is presented to the Family once the Family designates its final destination either to be donated to a priest or Church at the request of the Family; or if no one is designated by the family, the chalice is donated to a priest in need in a remote jurisdiction; presently there are arrangements with priests in the Philippines through the nuns at Immaculate Conception School in Pen Argyl. All Assembly members are encouraged to join. See Sir Knights James Di Paolo, Fund Administrator or the current Faithful Controller.